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Worthless Gold

The mist throughout the tree descends Around the golden leaves it blends. The sweet and simple hues of fall Together bound with a silky scrawl. – A silent whispered breath it stays Bending light into a haze. A delicate strand of silky song Twisting through the sharp night long. – A pinch of sky brought … Continue reading Worthless Gold

The Hunt

Over in the yellowing grass One can see a shadow pass A valiant creature, great, but rare There’s a tiger passing there The dawn’s first light shines in his eyes  Over in the grass it lies Stalking on the wild deer There’s a tiger passing here With years of skill it moves its tail Every … Continue reading The Hunt

The Zwillings Pt. 12

In which we learn a little bit more. But what made him feel like he knew what he was talking about, what made him feel like a leader, like he could be trusted, that was all on the inside, and Marie couldn’t take a picture of that. Hunter remarked that they were “Getting close now.” … Continue reading The Zwillings Pt. 12


My dreams often are their own engine, Taking themselves on roads uncharted. It’s dangerous. But when I drive my dreams, The car breaks down.

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