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Aiclath stooped as he stepped into his small house, taking in the rough wooden walls and floor, the large fireplace surrounded by stones, the three small beds. His mother was awake, and so was his sister, Asesi, curled up in the warmth of the blankets. Silently, Aiclath handed over the venison to his mother. She … Continue reading Caught

The Zwillings Ch. 2

In which we awaken a miracle, pull a trigger, and discuss the difference between beetles and excretion. The boy looked around, assessing his battleground. Then he nodded at the room of scrambling lab coats and green tint. He raised his freckled arms, revealing two heavy assault rifles, black as wet obsidian. Then justice reigned in … Continue reading The Zwillings Ch. 2


Why am I, why am I, why am I Me? Instead of some rogue on the terrible sea? Instead of a bat, or a girl, or a king? Then again, eons built to get to Me, Girls and boys and queens and kings, So if one thing changed, one simple thing, Would there be Me … Continue reading Me

The Best Recipe

The recipe to make a Me Of sugar you’ll need dump trucks three Two cups of flower and an egg,  three decks of cards and a chicken leg. A basketball But that’s not all Nine teaspoons of spice A flamingo and a ton of rice A Lot of beef that’s peppered. A lode of ketchup … Continue reading The Best Recipe

Mourning Magic

This poem is my interpretation of why I am the way I am these days. As I was strolling on my evening promenade, A little boy ran into me, but it seemed he wasn’t fazed. I asked him what’s the matter, and he said none at all, He said Magic was a troll and had … Continue reading Mourning Magic

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